What are Listings?

What are Listings?

What are Listings?

Let's start with the basics. A listing is a digital tool that provides details about a company. Your company's details are essential for consumers to find your CPA practice online and in real life.

What are the "essential details" that must appear in a business listing? The acronym NAP+W is the first.


NAP+W = Name, Address, Phone + Website

This seems straightforward enough, right? However, for a client to find your CPA firm online and then contact you regarding your services, these details must appear in your business listing.

Once the NAP+W criteria are satisfied, your business listing should interest potential clients by providing additional information about your law practice. Clients want to make an informed decision, so including information such as an "about us" section, business hours, and areas of expertise will help potential clients make their decision.


Can my CPA Practice Reap the Benefits of a Business Listing?

Absolutely! However, your listing won't have the same impact if you don't make it visible or give exact details.

You can increase visibility through Facebook and LinkedIn (social media), 

Bing and Google (search engines), AICPA.org (member association), and CPADEX and Yelp (digital directories). The multiple listing options available today can be used by CPA practices to great advantage. CPADEX pulls in Yelp information into your CPADEX profile to give visitors more information about your firm.

After achieving the desired visibility, it is crucial to ensure that all listing details are correct everywhere. This accuracy ensures that your CPA practice is consistent in its branding. It sounds simple, but is it really that simple?


It All Depends on How You Approach the Project

It can be challenging to keep track of and update each listing. A single incorrect listing can lead to uncertainty for potential clients.

The right listing management tool can make the task easier. The team at LOCALSYNC has an Online Business Dashboard that allows you to track all of your listings from one location and correct them with Listing Distribution. The LOCALSYNC dashboard has many other valuable tools for your accounting practice to market it effectively online.

Enjoy a free 90-day trial now.


Uncertain if CPA Practice Listings Are Beneficial?

Let's keep going with the logic. Your CPA practice will benefit from business listings, provided you take advantage of all the digital platforms available and maintain uniformity.


Happy vs. Unhappy Clients

Your CPA practice will attract clients through simple and easily accessible listings.

Clients will lose faith in a CPA firm if they cannot rely on the listing. If this happens, they will move quickly to the next CPA practice.

What would you think about a CPA firm that wasn't listed online? Or if it was closed during the business hours it listed online? You wouldn't want to waste time with a CPA firm that isn't able to keep its listing details current.

Make potential negative associations positive ones by making sure your online business listing details are clear and consistent. Your chances of landing a new client are higher if your CPA practice is easy to find.


Include Reviews in your Digital Listings

It is crucial to establish a digital reputation for your CPA firm. A solid review plan will help you build your company's reputation and strengthen your brand.

Your CPA practice can benefit from reviews. You can gain valuable insight from your clients by sharing their opinions (and your responses) online. Ultimately you're helping them make informed decisions about choosing an accountant.

Insightful reviews included in your online business listings will increase your practice's visibility.


What Does Search Engine Performance Mean?

Each online review and detailed listing generates backlinks that will improve your practice's search engine ranking.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may seem complex, but it is a great way to market your CPA practice. Optimizing your SEO rank can be achieved by ensuring consistent and accurate listing management. Visibility is the key to attracting more clients.

Here is an excellent article with ten tips on improving your site rank. 


Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

This LOCALSYNC tool at the bottom of the page can scan your CPA practice for free.

These scan results will allow you to see how your CPA practice appears online to potential and existing clients. LOCALSYNC offers a free 90-day Online Business Toolkit Trial to help you get started fixing issues with your online presence.