Using Keywords to Help CPAs Improve SEO Ranking

Using Keywords to Help CPAs Improve SEO Ranking

Using Keywords to Help CPAs Improve SEO Ranking



Yoast states, "A keyword, or a focus keyword as some call it, is a word that describes the content on your page or post best. It's the search term that you want to rank for with a certain page. So when people search for that keyword or phrase in Google or other search engines, they should find that page on your website. "


More simply put, a keyword is a term that you enter into an online search engine to find information. For instance, you would type "CPA" to search for a CPA. So the keyword in this example is "CPA".


SEO – Have You Heard Of It?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a method to increase traffic to your website without paying. Search engines use SEO to determine which websites are ranked highest.

Blending keywords into the digital data of your CPA practice (websites, business listings, blogs) is one way to improve your SEO. To be successful with SEO, however, you need to use the best keywords for your practice.


Keyword Styles

These are the three main styles of keywords:

  1. Short-Tail
  2. Long-Tail
  3. Location-Based

Short-Tail Keywords 

Short-tail keywords are typically just one or two words in length. Short-tail keywords are the most popular for web users to search for CPA services. They will often type "CPA" or "CPA firm" as their keywords. These short-tail keywords are helpful, but they won't get your CPA practice to number one in search results. Why is that?

It's because large corporations and brands are often dominant in the use of these short-tail keywords.


Long-Tail Keywords 

Long-tail keywords have a higher word count and are more complex. The complexity of long-tail keywords allows you to stand out in your field by using keywords that relate specifically to your services. For example, searches for CPAs such as "CPA forensic accounting" or "non-profit accounting CPA" automatically remove any other CPA practices that do not provide these specific services, thus helping you rise in the search rankings.

Search engines will rank your digital content higher if you include a mixture of long-tail keywords specific to your industry and areas of expertise.


Location-Based Keywords 

Location-based keywords are beneficial in referring to the physical location of your CPA practice. If your CPA firm is based in Tucson, Arizona, make sure to add those keywords to your digital content. Why?

Many people search the internet for accounting help based on their location, using the name of the city or state in which they live. You can attract more clients just based on your location and their need for nearby CPA services.


Can Keywords Sometimes Limit Your SEO Position?

Absolutely! Some keyword techniques can actually harm your SEO ranking instead of improving it. So which keyword methods should you avoid?


Keyword Stuffing

It may be tempting to include as many keywords as possible in your digital content, but don't let this happen. Keyword stuffing with repetitive or irrelevant keyword content is not an SEO strategy that will work for your CPA practice. Search engines will reward high-quality content rather than quantity of content. They use sophisticated algorithms to locate sites and listings that are trying to "cheat" the system, and if they detect irrelevant or repetitive content, they may lower your SEO rank.

Falsifying Data

Here is an example of falsifying data. Suppose your website says you have six accountants in your CPA practice, but clients find out that you are the only one in-house and sub out the other five "on-staff" accountants. Do you think your clients will continue to trust you and your CPA firm? Or might your distortion of truth result in a negative review?


Timeless SEO Tactics

  • Promotion of your CPA practice should focus on relevant, factual digital content, not the volume of content.
  • SEO takes time. Your client list didn't grow overnight, and the same goes for SEO.


We hope you find this helpful in understanding why SEO is essential to the success of your CPA practice. You can read more at LOCALSYNC's article, 10 Step Guide to Boosting your Site Rank.