Using to Market Your CPA Firm

Using to Market Your CPA Firm

LOCALSYNC.Link is a unique digital marketing application specifically designed for the accounting industry. This application allows CPAs to create customizable accounting link marketing pages for clients or team members.

LOCASYNC.Link marketing pages are easy to create and can be completely personalized. To promote your CPA practice, you can include headshots and company logos. You can also enhance your brand by using different fonts, colors, and backgrounds. These personalized link marketing pages look great on both smartphones and desktops.

Sample Accountant Link Pages

What's a Branded Link Marketing Accounting Page?

A branded link marketing accounting page is a page that contains all of your contact information from every online channel you use. You can easily include your email, phone number, social media profiles, and SMS applications within one link marketing page.

LOCALSYNC.Link also allows you to create unique marketing links for important online information like:

  •   Your "About Us" Page
  •   Your CPA Firm's Website
  •   Noteworthy Projects
  •   Published Accounting Articles
  •   FAQs
  •   Newsletter Signup

The software also allows you to embed promotional videos of your team and your CPA practice, giving your clients a better understanding of you and your work.


LOCALSYNC.Link Custom Domains Power

LOCALSYNC.Link is a solid domain name for accounting professionals. It is short and straightforward, so clients will easily remember LOCALSYNC.Link/YourName.

Perhaps you need something more specific to the practice area of your CPA firm. Premium subscribers to LOCALSYNC.Link have access to premium accounting domains to use for their link pages.

The following premium domains are just a few from which to choose:


Why not utilize both the general LOCALSYNC.Link/YourName and a premium domain like or to promote your CPA practice? A premium domain name that represents your practice's scope will help you build your online reputation, provide valuable information to clients, and strengthen your SEO.

Custom DOmains on

Do You Already Have a Personalized Domain Name?

It's great if you already own a personal domain name.

LOCALSYNC.Link can connect your personal domain name to the LOCALSYNC.Link application so that you can use it with the provided domain.

If you have any questions, the LOCALSYNC.Link team will be happy to assist you in pointing your domain's CNAME records to your LOCALSYNC.Link webpage.

After initial setup, it takes just minutes to create your new accounting link marketing webpage. To enhance your branding, you can create additional link marketing pages with the same domain for your team.

For instance, if the domain name for your CPA practice is, the pages below can be built for each member of your team:



Is Your CPA Practice's Website on Your Personalized Domain?

That's ok.

Establishing a subdomain such as is easy at most registrars and without an added fee. This allows you to maintain the branding of your practice and create custom LOCALSYNC.Link pages. Your practice's website will also gain essential backlinks for each accounting link marketing page created, which can help improve your SEO.

Benefits of Branded Domain Pages

Is It Really Beneficial to Use Custom Link Marketing Pages?


Every valuable link and every digital channel provides clients a way to find your accounting practice. If a competing CPA has only one advertising channel and your CPA firm has ten, which firm do you think a client is more likely to find?

These link pages are a form of directory marketing, also called location marketing, and is very effective when: 


All Information Published is Correct. 

This means that your practice's address, hours of operation, and email must all be correct across all directories and pages containing your information. For the sake of Google and your clients, it is essential not to have contradicting information.



Online visibility is essential. Your CPA practice should be featured in as many directories, pages, landing pages, link pages, and websites as possible. Digital channels such as Yelp or Yellow Pages, accounting directories (like, and your Accountant.Link marketing pages are all options. You will rank higher in Google's top search results if you have a more complete and accurate online presence.

It can be challenging to maintain an updated online presence once you have established it. There are thousands of directories and other places online to manage your information. To have the maximum reach, automation solutions like LOCALSYNC are critical for success in digital channel management.


Listings with Geo-Targeting 

When someone searches via their smartphone, Google will show results based upon their location. Don't forget to add geo-targeted information and your contact details for each directory listing and page appearance online.

The CPADEX directory keeps exact latitude/longitude information for every listing. To narrow down their search, clients can also select "Recommended CPAs Near You" when they log into CPADEX to search for an accountant.

Google also wants to show CPAs near you, highlighting the importance of accurate location data. Do you think a searcher will find a CPA practice with only ten accurate location listings online as easily as one with 100? Absolutely not. The CPA practice that has a higher number of accurate online location listings will be found higher in search results.

Branded CPA Pages with

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