Social Media Marketing for CPAs

Social Media Marketing for CPAs

Social Media Marketing for CPAs



Social Media Is Where Consumers Are

Over 3 billion people use social media worldwide. Aren't you convinced that your CPA practice should have a social media presence? 

Consumers use social media in various ways. For example, some consumers utilize social media to stay in touch with family and friends. In contrast, other consumers use it to research new topics and products, while others use it to find and analyze new companies such as our CPA practice.

It would be best to create compelling, helpful, and appealing articles on social media to build a following for your CPA practice. FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter are just a few of the many social media networks you can use. Although managing multiple social media channels can seem daunting, it is possible.

LOCALSYNC's Social Marketing Express tool is available to assist you in achieving your social media goals while also balancing a busy accounting practice. The Social Marketing Express tool is just one of many products in LOCALSYNC's Local Business Online Toolkit that can help you boost your online image and reduce your workload.



Social Media Strategies for Your CPA Practice

You have many options when it comes to posting on social media. The following are just a few ideas to get you started:

  •   Announcements (such as exciting events for your practice)
  •   Video series (such as answering FAQs, how you prepare for proceedings).
  •  Industry Resources (such as links to up-to-date changes to tax law).
  •  Discussions 
  •  Team bios and history of your practice
  •  Testimonials by existing clients of your practice

Accounting can be intimidating for some consumers. Current and future clients want to know more about you! Use your social media to boost your business and promote the personal side of your CPA firm.


Envision Your Social Impact

Social media's primary purpose is to promote and preserve your image. Your CPA practice needs to stand out, and stale content won't positively impact social media. Make sure your posts on social media are relevant, consistent, and attractive, so social media users return to you regularly.

After your CPA practice is active on social media, it's time to assess your "social impact." You can use social media analytics and user tracking to measure your online performance by understanding the number of users who view each post.

Another way to attract attention to your CPA practice is by enlisting a social media influencer. Social media influencers need to mention your practice frequently to their many followers, which will increase your digital reach.