Marketing Your CPA Practice Online

Marketing Your CPA Practice Online

Control Your CPA Firm's Image Anywhere

Internet searches are a great way to attract new clients, making your CPA firm's online image crucial.

Clients today are tech-savvy. They're able to search for you on their desktops, mobile phones, or tablets to learn more about your practice, view testimonials, and access your website. As a result, potential clients can find you through all available online channels, increasing your chances of converting them into clients.

What do I do if my Online CPA Firm Details Are Incorrect?  

Is your practice designated in the wrong areas of expertise? What about your telephone number and hours of operation? What happens if you don't have an address listed? How will people find you?

Suppose potential clients can't find reliable online information about your firm. In that case, they will go to the competition and negatively impact your bottom line.

Do you want to see how your CPA firm appears in online directories?

Contact the team at LOCALSYNC, and they can scan your business.

Digital Knowledge Management. What is it?

Digital Knowledge Management, also known as Local Directory Marketing, is the process of finding, updating, and synchronizing your CPA firm's information across all digital channels. This practice applies not only to CPA directories like this one but also broader directories like Yellow Pages.

For broader directories, there are automated online tools that can submit, synchronize and maintain your CPA practice information.

Your CPA firm's information should be synchronized across all digital business directories to increase your chances of reaching new clients. Consumers begin to build a relationship with you by reading details about your CPA firm (hours, location, and office photos) as well as an "about us" section. Don't stop there. Include your CPA practice areas (tax accounting, managerial accounting, financial accounting, etc.). Perhaps even a video clip of you introducing yourself.

These online professional directories will help reinforce and improve your company's image by including personalized digital content.

Why is Digital Knowledge Management Important for My CPA Firm?

Google reports that search terms that are location-based ("near you") saw a 146% rise in popularity from year to year.

No matter what device the consumer uses to search online, they will receive location-based results. It's easy. Just type in "forensic accountant" into the search engine. Your device will display a list of CPAs near your location, along with their contact information. That's far easier than remembering a phone number from a local billboard and gives a potential client multiple local options from which to choose.

Your goal is to be the CPA firm those potential clients find and contact FIRST.

Google further examined these "near me" online searches and discovered a direct correlation between them and earnings.

  • 76% of smartphone searchers have visited a local business within a day after searching for it via their smartphones.
  • 28% of these searches can also bring in new customers for your local business.

Help these potential clients find your CPA firm by being part of the 28% that will win new business.

Are Consumers Using Local Online Directories?


Yelp reviews can be a great way to find out what other diners think about a restaurant. Trip Advisor is an excellent place to start researching your

holiday destination before you travel. Assistance finding and analyzing a CPA is also available with online directories. 

On average, local online directories generate 174% more traffic per month than business websites.

 It is crucial to manage your CPA firm's information online.


Are you still unsure if an online business listing is necessary? Look at the comments from your clients.

Consumers perceive comprehensive, consistent online business listings as 270% more reliable than those with insufficient or inconsistent listings.  

This is almost three times that of other firms whose listings are not complete and accurate.

Does that surprise you? It shouldn't. This is where the phrase "perception is the only truth" comes into play.

A complete business listing is perceived as more trustworthy than a partial one.

 Businesses with complete online business listings have higher chances of attracting new clients.  

You won't be surprised to see a rise in potential client visits, especially

as these businesses are perceived more trustworthy than those without adequate online business listings. Potential clients will be able to find your CPA firm more readily.

Businesses with complete online business listings are one and a half times as likely to get a new client. 

The first impression of a client is essential.

How can you help clients if your office isn't adequately managed (by providing accurate online and geographic details)? How does a competing CPA firm attract more clients? They allow their detailed online business listings to work for them around the clock.

Businesses with complete online business listings get 600% more clicks than those less detailed listings.  

Trust is critical when you sell services and not products. Clients need an ethical, experienced CPA to help them with their finances.

Potential clients should see your CPA firm in the best possible light. Visit LOCALSYNC to learn more about digital knowledge management.