Benefits of Digital Marketing for CPA's

Benefits of Digital Marketing for CPA's

Digital Marketing for CPAs: The Benefits

Did you know that your potential clients spend on average more time online than they do at work every week? If you are not marketing your CPA practice online, you are not leveraging the power of the internet to work for you.


Marketing – The Traditional Way 

Traditional marketing is simple.

A marketing campaign to promote a product or service is created for television, radio, and billboards. In the hope that someone searching for the product or service will notice it, the campaign is distributed nationally or locally.

The following is an example of a traditional marketing style:

  •  Potential customers see your campaign while they are watching TV. 
  •  A customer needs accounting assistance.
  •  Your campaign catches their eye.
  •  The customer then contacts your CPA practice to discuss accounting services.
  •  The customer becomes a client of your CPA practice.

This traditional marketing strategy is simple, but it's not always effective. It's nearly impossible for the right customer to happen to view your marketing strategy and simultaneously need your accounting assistance.


Marketing – The Digital Way

Your CPA practice is fortunate that marketing has adapted to the digital age. Digital marketing allows you to reduce the limitations of traditional marketing. As a result, CPA practices such as yours can reach more clients through digital marketing while targeting the right demographics who will benefit from your services.


How Does Digital Marketing Work?

At the top of the Digital Marketing toolbox is Search Marketing.

CPA firms utilize search marketing to identify people interested in accounting services. They then target their campaigns at these people. Ultimately, it's more profitable to target someone already interested in accounting services than to wait for the right person to view your traditional marketing.

The following is an example of a digital marketing style:

  •  A potential customer requires accounting assistance.
  •  They search the internet looking for a CPA practice, focusing on the accounting sector.
  • Google displays the name of your CPA firm in the first few results.
  • The potential customer reviews your comprehensive business listing (potentially on CPADEX!)
  •  Your CPA firm gains a new client.


Purchasing Search Ads

You can also purchase search ads that target your competitors' search terms, which can turn their existing clients into your new clients.


Digital Marketing – Tracking Results

Don't overlook the power of digital analytics in marketing. Analyzing clicks and engagements can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.